Designer & Project Manager at Noraya


Company active in Madeira Island since 2008, it’s a provider of management and financial software solutions as well as electronic equipment. It has been updating itself over time to expand its services and offers, to respond to the demand.

Rebranding of the company and most of its touch-points.

Branding, Project Management, Strategy

Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Copy, Agile

Brand Strategy

Discovery Sessions

I did several discovery sessions with the client to better understand the company and the market. The result was a positioning and communication strategy manual that the creative team used as future Guidelines.

Create a new face

Logo rebrand

The Design started with modules that represented Goclick’s pragmatism and made an involving shape / structure that symbolises competence.

The on/off button was made from two circles – in the center and outside – connected: representing the connection between Goclick and the Customer. The button also symbolises the energy and creativity characteristic to the brand. 

The brand’s visual identity was designed with two challenges in mind: Giving a more professional and serious demeanour to the brand – with the use of a modern logo, adaptable to any application, and Modern, sans-serif typefaces;

Facilitate the communication of it’s services (something the owner was struggling with) – through the brand colours, we attributed the color Red to his most common services, “hardware” and “software”. And the color Blue, was chosen to represent the mos complex service, which we named: “custom development” .

Strengthening the brand



In the process, several materials were created, with a view to strengthening the various extensions of the Brand and keeping its image coherent. Paying special attention to digital needs and even the workers outfit.

By helping the client with this new step of evolution, the website was also redesigned to meet new communication needs and give a new 360 face to the brand.

The new website has a clear and intuitive explanation of the brand’s services, as well as a new interactive and modern journey for users.

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